Umbrella Monsters coming after you again …


Rainy days might have a romantic touch to some people, but it’s probably most appealing when you are at home watching those little raindrops come down to earth. But once you’re outside of your personal shelter, you have to face a ridiculous  war against the elements!

All those monsters with their umbrellas, trying to avoid the water, something we’re all made of! Are those umbrellas basically a metaphor for everything going wrong in our society? Afraid of the most important natural element, you hold up something stupid with little spears coming out of it, threatening the eyes, face or at least head of each and every person around you?

And once the rain stops, you hold the shitty thing like a bayonet towards anybody behind you, aiming at important parts of their body. If there are any kids behind you, you are aiming right at their head.

So, next time it rains, just put on a rain-coat, a special jacket or your swimsuit. Or get wet! Just leave those stupid umbrellas at home.

The song is called „Umbrella Monsters“, a ZINQ-classic featuring Alice P. that should get the idea over to you.



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