Second Hand Hero


The world seems to be full of them nowadays: Second Hand Heroes!
Or maybe it has always been. People with no vision, no love and exceptionally low amounts of humor seem to have taken over the world. They feed off of everybody’s energy to make themselves shine, just like junkies use heroin to become heroes.
What if they don’t get their stuff anymore? What if you take it away from them? uncontrollable cold turkey? Chaos? Or maybe some healing? Maybe you can stop them from being profitable by bullshitting everybody, selling you shit, that is meant to be there for everyone. For free!
It all comes in boxes, bottles, cans or those second hand heroes, filled with external power. Little prisons for beauty, friendship, love, charisma, ideas, food, water or even fresh air!
This is a just another love song and it’s the best we can do, to send out some love!

Comp., git., keys: Vessal Q.
Voc: Alice P.
Drum: Rich H.
Bass: G. Haro


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