Böser Onkel everywhere!


The boat is full, they say! Aside from it being ignorant and wrong, because the boat actually needs people to run it, while all the oldtimers are having a good time not working anymore … So, aside from that, what does that mean in a humanitarian context? That is a weird picture of a full boat in the middle of stormy waters, and people are trying to survive by swimming to that boat to get on board, just to be pushed back into the water by the insiders.

There are better concepts, you find them everywhere, youtube, TED, Universities, scientific research and many places more. You can even find great concepts already in use by governments and the UN. Just not on a big enough scale, and those extreme right „Bad uncles“  do not like to talk about it.

The song to this one has german lyrics, because … well, it has the right tone.


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